Saturday, 2 February 2013

Removing SpeedBit from firefox

I see you have had same problem as I did.

I have installed a software on my PC and I got unwanted software installed and changed my current configuration.

But how do I remove this now?

Program  in question is SpeedBit.
As this all ready has been written, I do just copy the content here:

Disable Speedbit Toolbar and Extension(Addons).
When you enter a search term in the Firefox location bar and press Enter, Firefox will per default do a "I'm feeling lucky" Google search and redirect you to the first result that matches your search term. This behaviour can be changed by a number of add-ons. If you'd like to restore the previous default behaviour, please follow these steps:
  1. Enter about:config in the Firefox location bar and press Enter.
  2. You should see a warning that making changes to the Firefox configuration can be potentially harmful to Firefox's integrity. Click the I'll be careful, I promise button to continue.
  3. In the Search box at the top, enter keyword as the search term. You should see a few remaining items, one of these is keyword.URL. It should be bold.
  4. Right-click on the keyword.URL setting and select Reset from the dropdown menu.
Now you're done. Please report back if this fixes your problem. Thanks in advance!
You can find more information about the Location bar search feature in the Search the web from the Address Bar article.

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